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This Player Did Something AMAZING for the Fans….


It’s Ya-No-Stat-Game Reporter, Talan Here

Recently This Star Player did something that got him trending for the first time since ’19 and his MVP season, Have you Gussed who yet? 

If you guessed Milwaukee Brewers Star Outfielder Christian Yelich, Then you’re correct

He may be having a down year on the field but off the field, he just bought 10,000 Tickets For Fans To win, The Fans will win tickets to the final Homestand at Recently Renamed American Family Field (Formerly Miller Park) Vs. The Saint Louis Cardinals where the Brewers have a chance to Clinch the Division at Home! The Brewers are Currently Leading The NL Central by 13 Games, Do you think They’ll Clinch?

Also, What are your thoughts of Yeli Doing this?

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With that being said,

I’m your no-stat-game reporter here and I will see you next time 

<3 Talan