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Thursday night football prediction

Thursday night football! It is a pretty good football night Friday is the next day the week is starting to wind down to the weekend and the feeling of watching these games on certain nights our pretty fun and Thursday night football is one of those nights. I wouldn’t say I like it as much as Monday night football I know that no one likes Mondays but I love Monday night football because it’s a classic and so many great games have been played on there. But Thursday night football is cool and we got a pretty good showdown for us in our hands this Thursday and that is the New York Giants vs the Washington football team to NFC East rivals going at it these two teams do not like each other. In my opinion, the NFC East is the second-best rivalry division right behind the NFC North. So Giants and Washington should be a good matchup with the history these two teams have. I say both these teams are pretty evenly matched both their quarterbacks aren’t that good they both have good defenses and both have really good wide receiver ones. For the Giants their wide receiver is Kenny Golladay may be the best jump-ball catcher in football and Washington with Terry McLaurin absolute stud and in my opinion the best receiver from the 2019 draft class. So these teams can’t get any more similar. So this is going to be a fun one to predict when I usually make these predictions I usually go through how the underdog team can win the game I wouldn’t say there is a huge underdog team in this game but I am going to go ahead and say that the underdog team is the Giants most people are saying Washington so let me get into my takes for how New York can pull a W on Thursday night football.

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Have Daniel Jones pass the ball:

Daniel Jones throughout his career has not been good I think at one point he only had five career wins. And out of the five career wins he had four of those wins were against the Washington football team so even Daniel Jones being trash throughout his career he has one thing he can succeed at and that is playing vs Washington he just has the groove supposedly playing vs this team. Even though some players can be bust some players have certain weird times where they can shine for example Bears former quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was a bust and never seemed to move the offense but whenever he was playing vs the Detroit Lions he looked like Patrick Mahomes out there. If he played as he does against the Lions every game he would be a franchise guy. So that is very similar to Daniel Jones he is just like Trubisky a young quarterback with terrible flaws but somehow goes off playing vs Washington. So in this game yes use your top 5 running back Saquan Barkley but have Daniel Jones throw. Run him play-action have him do some running have Danny Dimes do a little bit of everything playing vs Washington if this is the only team he can have success against giving him the success while he can because when playing this team is the only time he is good. But even though Daniel Jones has success vs Washington my whole play-action passing for him may not be how I imagine it to be because the Giants offensive line is just terrible and there playing Washington who has a top 5 defensive line so this could be a matchup nightmare for the Giants offensive line so that is the one little fear I have for my Daniel Jones passing take.

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Let Taylor Heinicke make the plays:

I know I have said this type of stuff in my other articles and saying put the game in the hands of this guy because he is inexperienced but these types of situations keep coming up every time I do score predictions. But I’ll say it again put the game in the hands of Taylor Heinicke I think this guy isn’t even that good everyone says he can be their guy just because he had one good game vs the Bucs. If it wasn’t for that game he wouldn’t even be talked about in fact people wouldn’t even know who he was if it wasn’t for that game. Before that Bucs playoff game where he went off, he was just a nobody 3rd stringer and he wouldn’t be in starting a conversation if it wasn’t for the playoff game. I’ll admit he had a sick game vs the Bucs but I have seen other young quarterbacks do that just have a game where there not supposed to be starting and having nothing to lose then go off for one game and everyone thinks they’re good then they just choke after that one-game wonder. So the Giants do have a good defensive line and a good overall defense so make this young overrated guy who I truly think is overrated make the plays. Force the game where he has to throw make it know the choice to Washington that the only way for them to win is having Heinicke make the plays. Because everyone will expect Heinicke to make the big plays just like he did last time but when he doesn’t people are going to realize he was a one-game wonder and with a young guy like him once he realizes he is being forced to have the game in his hands it might get in his head.

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Use Kenny Golladay deep: 

Kenny Golladay can be a good deep threat receiver and as I said earlier is the best jump-ball catcher in football. Washington’s secondary is not that good yes I did say their defense is good mostly their defensive line with Chase Young so if Golladay can go off for a big game against Washington that would be huge because I haven’t seen him go for a big game in a while. I feel like this could be his game to do it because of Washington’s secondary because running back Saquan Barkley in their last game played terribly so if he continues that this game the Giant’s next main target would be Golladay. Plus the Giants probably already know that Washington’s secondary is weak so they’re already going to hit him anyways.

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Those are my New York Giants takes for Thursday night football! I do have one last thing though not a game plan but something that more people should know about this game. Both of these teams played on Sunday and usually when you only get five days off your players will be all banged up and tired. But this is the start of the season and all these guys just had a couple of months off they have only played one football game in the last couple of months. So I don’t see how these guys can be tired there probably still amped and ready so the Giants can pull off an upset being healthy. Washington had some injuries on Sunday and lost their QB, Fitzpatrick, the Giants didn’t have any injures so that can be a clincher for the Giants.

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Score Prediction:

The score prediction! I think this game is going to be a low-scoring one two top 10 defenses going at it. Then with two division rivals, there are going to be some hard hits going on. So with all this being said, I am taking the New York Giants in this one winning at a score of 19-17. Let me know if you agree with my prediction and takes!