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Tony LaRussa, Rookies Worst Enemy…

Tony LaRussa…..

Tony Was again spotted yelling again, at who you may ask? 

The Rookie, Seby Zavala the rookie catcher

kind of an odd pattern may you ask? 

Yermin Mercedes swinging on a 3-0 pitch—-> Yelled At

Seby Zavala misses a 3-0 ball and it calls for a strike while playing catcher —-> yelled at?

Weird isn’t it? whats next, he gets demoted and retires? 

It’s stupid though cause the main point of the game is to strike out someone and not walk em’

but hey Tony it’s okay to play dumb, remember you almost got fired before the season started cause of a DUI remember? somebody test this man please for another DUI or as I call it DUM (Drinking Under Management) 


Hopefully you enjoyed that little article and sorry I haven’t been consistent either…