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TSA Postgame Thoughts (2022 Week 3, @ NYG)

TSA Postgame Thoughts

The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants last night 23-16. Let’s talk about it. We started off slow, well both teams did in the first half. A defensive first half, with the ending of the 1st quarter being just 3-0 Dallas, and at halftime it was 6-3 Dallas. After the half, the offenses smelt the endzones, the Cowboys reaching it twice and the Giants only once. One touchdown (the first) from the Cowboys was a 1-yard touchdown run by RB Ezekiel Elliott. The second was the one to give them the lead, a 1-yard touchdown fade to WR CeeDee Lamb. A one-hander from 88. 

Here are my detailed takeaways from last night: The playcalling was very much improved since the last two weeks. Tony Pollard and Zeke Elliott are the keys to this offense. Also, the penalties need to be reduced. They will lose us games if we keep it up. The Cowboys did finally find themselves a kicker-for the second time- Brett Maher. Went 3/4 with his only miss being a 58-yard field goal to end the half, where he barely missed wide left. Too add on, CeeDee Lamb had a huge drop, an easy catch, that would’ve probably ended with a Cowboys touchdown on that drive, instead it was just 3. He made up for it with a tough 4th down catch, a over the shoulder grab to the goal line, and of course the one-handed snag from a yard out. On defense, this defense will win us games, and they have already. Wilson, Lawrence, and Diggs were the top defensive performers from the victory.

Anyway, it was not pretty, but the Cowboys squeezed out with it and are 2-1. They will head back to Dallas to hold the 2nd straight NFC East battle, this time vs the Washington Commanders (1-2).

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