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TSA Postgame Thoughts (2022 Week 4, vs WAS)

The Cowboys got the win at home against Washington, in the first ever matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders. Dallas won 10-25. The Cowboys advance to 3-1 as the Commanders fall to 1-3 on the year. This was a solid game from the Cowboys, and of course it was led by our defense. 

As I write this, Dak Prescott will not play on Sunday in LA against the Rams. Cooper Rush will get the start. Obviously this game is gonna be tough. My keys to this game will be posted shortly. But this game plan should be a little different than the past weeks, maybe not run the ball as much, because of the strong up front (cough Aaron Donald) of LA. Obviously you’re gonna need (to at least attempt to) run the ball, but I’m saying like maybe 15 or so carries for Zeke, maybe 10 for Pollard. Defensively, the Rams do have a top tier offense. Cooper Kupp will be hard to contain. With the way this Cowboys D has been playing lately though, I think that side of the ball won’t be the issue. The offense needs to keep up, **CONTROL THE CLOCK**, and move the ball smoothly if we want this game.

Hopefully Dak is back in Week 6 @ Eagles, that’s what every sign is pointing to. Obviously that will not be an easy game either (let’s face it). At least we do have Michael Gallup back, he caught a touchdown last week, that’s amazing to see. But pretty much after the Rams and Eagles game, there aren’t really any “good” or “TOP tier” teams on the schedule. The best I would say are the Packers, Vikings, maybe Jaguars, and maybe the Titans. And then of course the Eagles again. But other than those, the rest of the teams, we should have no problem beating.

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