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TSA Short Week 11/23/22

Sorry for not have written in a while, I only write after the Cowboys win (haha). So, the Packers beat the Cowboys a few weeks ago by 3 in overtime. To say I was mad is an understatement. The fact we were up 28-14 in the 4th and just broke down after that, kills me. Don’t get me started with the missed PI by Alexander on Lamb. But it is what it is, and then on Sunday, against the Vikings. Phew. If you were to tell me before the game that it would be a blowout, I would say that could happen, but the Vikings to blow us out. 40-3 is insane, especially on the road against an 8-1 team. Very impressive.

If this team beats the Giants tomorrow, they are for real, and would stand at 9-3 (2nd in NFC East) with such an easy schedule coming up. Week 12 vs Giants, Week 13 vs Colts, Week 14 vs Texans, Week 15 at Jaguars, Week 16 vs Eagles, Week 17 at Titans, Week 18 at Commanders. It is very possible to win out but I realistically see us ending 13-4 or 12-5, the only potential losses being the Eagles and/or the Titans (Derrick Henry). 

Now about the Odell talk. Apparently he’s cut it down to the Cowboys and the Giants. And funny enough he says he’s gonna visit each team after Thanksgiving, and even more funny enough, the Cowboys and Giants play each other on Thanksgiving! Right now (even before the game) the Cowboys are a little more favored to acquire the WR. Odell tweeted after the Cowboys 40-3 win over the Vikings, “they went krazy today,” with multiple Cowboys players retweeting and responding to Odell’s words, trying their best to get Odell to choose the star. Also, the Dallas Cowboys official Twitter account tweeted “It’s your move, OBJ. Dak Prescott shared part of his pitch to Odell Beckham Jr. and why he wants him in Dallas.” Even the Cowboys social media account (and players) keeps trying to recruit Odell to Dallas. It would be a great addition to a sparky offense already. 

In my opinion, Dallas already has the edge on signing OBJ, but if they win tomorrow, I think they will 99% get him. If they do NOT win, things will get a little more interesting. Only time will tell. 

My prediction for tomorrow: Cowboys 29   Giants 10