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Minnesota Sports Universe

Twins plan to offer Correa the Largest Offer in Team History

      The Minnesota Twins made a huge splash in last years offseason, signing superstar shortstop Carlos Correa to a 3-year, $105,300,000 deal, that included a player option after both of the first 2 years. Correa used that player option after the first year of his deal, and is now again a free-agent. Correa hit for a .291/.366/.467 last season, which was the second best average and on-base percentage of his career, and also hit 22 home runs with 64 RBIs. So what kind of contract could Correa be receiving from the Twins or another team this offseason?

     The largest contract in Minnesota Twins history was a 8-year, $184,000,000 deal given to Joe Mauer in 2011, and the Twins plan to give Correa an offer worth more then that. Minnesota is willing to include a no-trade clause in a contract, and also include player opt-outs again. So what will be offered? A 9 year, $333,000,000 with an AAV of $37,000,000, the largest AAV for a position player, that includes a player option after years 5 and 7 would be not only great for Correa, but good for Minnesota as well. Correa is 28 years old, and he would have security until his age 37 season. Worst case for Correa, he gets out after 5 years and tests the market again. But would he actually sign this deal? Who knows. Correa turned down a long term deal last offseason from the Astros, that was estimated to be around 10 years/ $270,000,000, but a record setting deal with the Twins could bring back the superstar shortstop for many years to come.