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UNC Vs. Virginia Tech Prevew

CHAPEL HILL-NC: North Carolina is set to take on Virginia Tech this coming weekend, although the game still is not 100% set in stone due to Hurricane Ian, I’m still going to do a preview of the game.

First, let’s look at some averages for both teams


UNC: 47

Va Tech: 20

Points Allowed Per Game:

UNC: 36

Va Tech: 17

Total Yds per game:

UNC: 503

Va Tech: 330

Yds allowed per game:

UNC: 496
Va Tech: 256

This game will definitely be a good one. Now, we all seen how the game went last year, Va Tech took off with an early lead and barely won on a very controversial interception call. But did end up beating the #8 ranked Tar Heels. But this year is different, Va Tech has had some major changes this year. Including a Head Coaching change, a new QB, a new RB, and some other new guys as well. The same goes for UNC, with a few coaching staff changes, new QB Drake Maye (elite), and 2 true freshman running backs in Omarion Hampton and George Pettaway. But one thing that people need to take into consideration is that although Drake Maye might be only 4 games into his career, he’s proven to be one of the best in the nation. Leading the country in TDs (16), Passing yards ( 1,231), and TD/INT ratio (16/1). The same goes with Omarion Hampton, except I would not call him one of the best in the nation, but one of the best Freshmen in the nation, read that again if you did not understand it the first time. In his 4 game career, Hampton has put up some significant numbers, with 48 carries, 256 rushing yds, and 5 TDs. 

And then we have the WRs, some great ones at that. The main 3 are, #11 Josh Downs, #8 Kobe Paysour, and #3 Antione Green. 2 of those being projected All-Americans in Josh Downs and Antoine Green. Both players had some really good numbers in the Notre Dame game that UNC lost this past Saturday 45-32. Josh Downs went for 5 receptions, 2 TDs, and 32 receiving yds. And Antoine Green went for 3 receptions, 2 TDs, and 150 receiving yards

Both teams do not have great defense at all. Virginia Tech does not have a good offense, so UNC should be able to take care of that. And with Va Tech not having a good defense, UNC’s explosive offense should be able to run away with this one and win by more than the spread (-10) says they will.