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Week 4 CFB Takeaways



Texas is gonna Texas! They played extremely well and closely and ultimately could of beaten Alabama if more calls could if went their way. And then in week four all the hype and the “Texas is back”, have all crashed. After losing to Texas Tech, who is a borderline top 25 teams in my opinion, but still nowhere close to the level of play they should of been at and are no longer in contention to even by ranked at this point.


Michigan State:

Are the Spartans a one year wonder? I will dive more into this question in a later article, but let’s just say this weeks game was not that pretty. Although, Minnesota is another pretty good and top 25 contending team, Michigan State should be beating these teams by 7+ points if they were at the spot they wanted to be.


Texas A&M:

This is a confusing team After losing to Appalachian State, who has lost to James Madison and UNC, the Aggies go on and beat a very good Arkansas team. Another confusing team, but I think they will just continue to improve from a slow start and could finish the season top 10.



The Boilemakers are nowhere close to the top 25 expectations that many had for them at the beginning of the season. After barely beating a pretty bad FAU team Purdue just now improves to a 2-2 record. This year will not be it for the Purdue faithful.



They are a top 15 team! Do not underestimate the Huskies after routing Michigan State and Stanford, they are looking very strong heading into a week five matchup against an average opponent in UCLA. I expect big things from the Huskies and a top 15 finish at the end of the season.