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Week Four NFL Predictions

Week four is going to be an exciting week for NFL fans. Brady returns to New England to face his old team and coach. The Broncos face an actual good team so we get to see if they are a real team or not. Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence will face each other for the first time since LSU vs. Clemson in the National Championship. There are so many more exciting games. Let’s get into them!


Jaguars vs. Bengals 

The Jaguars are 0-3 still looking for a win but they have had no luck. Trevor Lawrence has thrown seven picks and their defense is not great at all. The Bengals are doing good this season after upsetting both the Vikings and Steelers. They are 2-1. I have Joe Burrow beating Trevor Lawrence in this game just like the College Football National Championship. 


Football Team vs. Falcons 

Both teams are 1-2. And both teams beat the Giants for their win. The Falcons haven’t been that good since their Super Bowl mess happened. Washington has a decent defense but they haven’t stepped up a lot. I have Washington defeating the Falcons.


Texans vs. Bills

The Texans were good with Tyrod Taylor but since he got injured, they don’t have that power anymore. Deshaun Watson is most likely going to the Eagles or Dolphins too. The Bills started their season a little sloppy but they definitely got on track. The Bills should easily win this one in my opinion. 


Lions vs. Bears 

The Lions have had a tough schedule facing the 49ers, Packers, and Ravens. They only lost by a record breaking field goal last week. The Bears are 1-2 with their win being against the Bengals. Justin Fields is starting again due to Dalton’s injury. And he did not do good last week. I think the Lions will get their first win of the season here. 


Panthers vs. Cowboys

I think this is going to be a decent game. Sam Darnold has actually kind of shocked me this season. They are one of five undefeated teams left. The Cowboys are 2-1 with their loss being the Buccaneers and only by two. The Cowboys are coming off a big 20 point win against the Eagles. I think the Cowboys will give the Panthers their first loss of the season. 


Colts vs. Dolphins 

The Colts are 0-3 but have had tough opponents in the Seahawks, Rams, and Titans. All the games were fairly close too. The Dolphins have beat the Patriots but lost to the Bills and Raiders. I think the Colts will catch their first win of the season.


Browns vs. Vikings 

The Browns almost beat the Chiefs but couldn’t pull through. They then beat the Texans and the bears. After being upsetted by the Bengals and then losing by a point against the Cardinals, they upset the Seahawks. But I still think the Browns will win this one. 


Giants vs. Saints

The Giants have not got a win yet and have been doing pretty bad. The Saints slobbered the Packers but then got slobbered by the Panthers. They bounced back and beat the Patriots. Excluding week two, Jameis Winston has looked pretty good. I think the Giants will lose and have to continue to search for their first win. 


Titans vs. Jets

The Titans started the season off with a sloppy loss against the Cardinals. But they have bounced back and won two games in a row. The Jets are 0-3 and they are… just the Jets. Zach Wilson has thrown seven interceptions through three games like Trevor Lawrence. The Titans should easily blow past this game. 


Chiefs vs. Eagles

The Chiefs barely won their first game and then lost their next two. Everyone is starting to worry about the Chiefs. The Eagles started off with a big win against the Falcons but also lost two in a row. Jalen Hurts has been inconsistent. I think the Chiefs will take this one. 


Cardinals vs. Rams

I think this game is going to be close and a fun game to watch. Both of these teams are 3-0. The Cardinals have had closer games. The Rams beat the Buccaneers. This is a tough decision. But I honestly think the Cardinals will pull the upset and win. Book it!


Seahawks vs. 49ers

A rivalry game. This should be fun. The Seahawks have not had a good season so far. The 49ers have had a little better one. But I don’t think it will matter in this game. Russell Wilson can easily step up if he really needs to. And I think he will. I have the Seahawks upsetting the 49ers. 


Steelers vs. Packers

A Super Bowl classic. The Steelers were upsetted by the Raiders and then the Bengals the past two games. The Packers were upsetted by the Saints in the first game but Aaron Rodgers found his rhythm and is back to being MVP Rodgers. I think the Packers will take this one. 


Ravens vs. Broncos

The Ravens are 2-1, they lost to the Raiders but then turned around and beat the Chiefs and Lions. The Broncos are 3-0 but have played the three worst teams in the league. This game will determine if the Broncos are in it for real. I am a Broncos fan myself and I think that they will pull the win off, no bias. 


Buccaneers vs. Patriots 

The return for Tom Brady. The Buccaneers shockingly lost last week against the Rams. But that doesn’t mean much. The Patriots have only beat the Jets so they don’t have much to brag about. I think Tom Brady will defeat Bill Belichick. 


Raiders vs. Chargers

This is going to be an exciting matchup. This is the hardest game to predict in my opinion. The Raiders have beat the Ravens, Steelers, and Dolphins. The Chargers have taken down the Football Team and Chiefs. I feel like the Chargers will take this game though. 


Let me know how many games you think I will get right!