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What to roll will Nnaji play this season?

 What to expect from Zeke Nnaji this season? Nnaji is in a hard spot in the rotation, 


will Deandre Jordan play all the games at backup center? Is the biggest question related 


to Nnaji’s spot. Last season nnaji had a hard time playing the five roll. Head Coach Mike 


Malone is very high on him, saying that he really sees nnaji thriving at the center roll. 



    Standing at 6’9 and a average wingspan nnaji isn’t your average center. Nnaji stars at 


three point shooting and his defensive ability. In a breakout game for Zeke vs the knicks 


in Madison square garden. Shooting 7-13 and 5-9 on threes and finishing for 21 points. 

   But where does nnaji stand in the lineup? Well if the Deandre Jordan signing works out 


Nnaji will play the four along with Bones, Brown, Reed, and Jordan. If it doesn’t Nnaji 


will play the five. 

  Coach Malone believes that nnaji can run the five, after lots of training this past off 


season. Improving in rebounding and playing physical. 

  If nnaji does end up playing the five at some point in the season, can he defend bigger, 


stronger guys without getting in foul trouble?