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What went wrong in Austin

Written by @wvu.orbit

Edited by @mountaineers.headline


      By far the worst offensive game yet for the Mountaineers. JT Daniels made horrible reads, and underthrew and overthrew multiple balls, including a two yard shovel to Mike O’laughlin, leading to an injury. When Daniels could’ve simply just ran for the touchdown. CJ Donaldson Jr. did everything he could before his scary injury. Donaldson was unconscious for around two to three minutes before he was put on a medical stretcher and taken to the hospital after an accidental helmet to helmet hit. Mathis was unable to get going as well, with only 24 yards off of twelve carrie’s and a touchdown. Sophomore Justin Johnson Jr. stepped up as West Virginia’s leading rusher for the game, with 42 yards off ten carries and a touchdown. Our receivers just could not get going either, with Bryce Ford-Wheaton leading the way as usual with 8 receptions and 90 yards. But we struggled to take deep shots downfield and when we were looking for that player, or when that player was finally open, Daniels was sacked or brought down. The Texas pass rush proved to be too much for our offensive line.


     Our defensive line was being held all game, I’m not one to complain about refs when it comes to Big 12 football, but I mean come on. This happened two years ago in our seventeen to fourteen to seventeen loss against Texas as well. I don’t know how the refs didn’t see all but 2 holdings. I mean they were just not very well today. Our linebackers were probably the only flawless part of this defense. Lee Kpogba was pressuring Hudson Card almost every time and managed to get a sack. I can say the same for Jasir Cox, he has really stepped up over the past few weeks. And yet again sophomore Jared Bartlett was very very well on the blitz, assisting a sack and getting one for himself. The linebacker core is filled with absolute playmakers. Our defensive backs were the main problem, we got torched by wideout Xavier Worthy so badly, giving up 119 yards and seven catches. We couldn’t stop Hudson Card, as he threw 303 yards over the secondary’s heads. We just couldn’t not keep up with the Longhorns’ receivers.