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What Would Happen If Josh Donaldson Contracted COVID-19

Here is a question I know I have been asking my self and all the twins fan out there probably have too. The question is what if our star player (Josh Donaldson) came down with coronavirus.

If Josh Donaldson did contract COVID-19 our chances at possibly winning the World Series would go down drastically. Having to move Miguel Sano back to third base after him playing first base for mostly the entirety of the offseason would be a huge switch. This would also cause us to bring up our utility man Marwin Gonzalez to play first base. It would also become a huge loss of cap space for us to pay him 23 million and him not play.

Josh Donaldson’s 2019 stats looked similar to Miguel Sano’s 2019 stats Sano had a batting average of .247 and 34 home runs while Josh Doanldson’s stats looked like .259 batting average and 37 home runs. Adding Josh Donaldson was a great move and helped our postseason chances drastically but if he contracted COVID-19 it would be a waste of cap space. While moving Miguel Sano to third wouldn’t be the worst thing ever we would much rather have Josh Donaldson at third and Miguel Sano at first.

Although I couldn’t find anything on the odds of contracting COVID-19 I would assume as long as they practice with masks the odds are slim to none. I would hate to see Josh Donaldson come down wit the disease they always say prepare for the worst right. So as I stated moving Miguel Sano to third and Marwin Gonzalez to first wouldn’t be the worst thing ever but we would much rather see Josh Donaldson at third and Miguel Sano at first and keep Marwin Gonzalez on the bench as a specialist. That’s my take on what would happen if Josh Donladson came down with COVID-19.