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When will Kellen Mond start at QB for the Vikings?

Coming into the 2021 draft, the Minnesota Vikings were more in on a QB then they have been since they drafted Christian Ponder. They had Justin Fields and Kellen Mond high on there draft boards compared to other teams. The Vikings had tried to trade up to 8, 11, and 12 to try and draft Justin Fields, but failed as the divisional rival Chicago Bears traded up to 11 to draft Fields. Instead, the Vikings traded down to 23, picking up the 2nd pick in round 3 from the Jets, which was just were Kellen Mond was going to be drafted, so Minnesota pulled the trigger. But now the conversation is, when, or will Kellen Mond be the starting guy in Minnesota? 

Option 1: Minnesota waits 2 years until Kirk Cousins deal is up and start Mond

What I think will and should happen. In 2 years, Kirk will be 34 and out of his prime. Mond will only be 23 at this point, and 2 years behind Cousins leadership, and should be NFL ready. Give Mond all or most of the pre-season starts, get him used to NFL level defenses, and he should be ready to go.

Option 2: Trade Kirk Cousins at some point

What I dont think will happen, and I really hope dosent, is Kirk gets traded. The amount of dead cap the Vikings will have to have if this happens is way to much for what would be received in return. Unless in the deal Kirk’s entire contract is shifted to a new team, and a decent return is given, I really dont want this happening. Here are some potential deals I wouldnt mind if this does happen.

Washington Receives: Kirk Cousins, (and entire contract), 2nd round pick

Minnesota Receives: 1st round pick, 4th round pick

Obviously that trade is extremely unlikely, as better quarterbacks will be in the draft for Washington to take, I wouldnt mind it if it somehow DID happen. 

I hope what happens in Kellen Mond sits behind Kirk Cousins for a year, and after Kirk’s contract is up, they let Kirk walk and hand over the team to Kellen Mond, with Kirk’s training and leadership under his belt. Tell me your thoughts on the Kellen Mond/Kirk Cousins deal below in the comments!


  1. Mond is an option if Kirk isn’t it. But he is a third round pick and the 7th best QB in the draft (according to where he was drafted) and that isn’t very good. I think in 2 years when Kirk’s option is up, the Vikings draft a first round QB with that talent Lebel and then have an open QB comp.