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Which Tennessee Guard Can Replace Kennedy Chandler?

  The Tennessee Volunteers are having to move forward this year without breakout star Kennedy Chandler, and will have to find someone to fill his shoes. As some people believed Kennedy would come back for at least one more year, he decided to go to the NBA Draft after his Freshman season earlier this year. Kennedy was a big part of the reigning SEC Championship squad who made a big splash all season long, However there are a few candidates believed to be capable of stepping up and getting the job done!

  The first candidate is by far the fan favorite on this team Zakai Zeigler. Zakai is a Sophomore Guard from New York who excelled all year last year with being a playmaker, And defender off the bench as the teams 6th Man. Zakai is 5’9 which is considered to be undersized by most people, But he proved that not to a problem by using his speed and quickness to his advantage! Off the bench Zakai Zeigler Averaged 8.8 Points , 1.9 Rebounds, And 2.7 Assists Per Game. As of now He is believed to be the lead runner for this job, but that can change over time.

  The next would be an instate kid who recently transferred from Indiana State Tyreke Key. Key is a 6’3 senior who dominated the nation last year with his impressive playmaking. Key last season averaged 17.2 Points, 5.3 Rebounds, And 2.0 Assists Per Game before his season was cut short with an injury. Although the stats and talent can backup his game, there are worries about his injury and the lack of competition he has faced. Don’t be surprised if you see Tyreke Key playing solid minutes for the Volunteers this season!

  The final option listed is an incoming Freshman by the name of B.J. Edwards. B.J. is a 6’3 Guard from Knoxville Tennessee who is believed to be a big part of the Tennessee game plan. B.J. Edwards was attending Knoxville Catholic HS before making an executive and life changing decision to attend Tennessee. All throughout his high school career B.J. was compared to none other than Kennedy Chandler. B.J. was ranked 94th Nationally, 16th PG Nationally, And 3rd in the state of Tennessee.

  As you can see the Volunteers have tons of talent, and can go many ways here. At the end of the day someone will step up and be “The Guy” for Tennessee, But the question is who will it be???