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Who should go #1 overall? (Thibodeaux Vs Hutchinson)

There has been 2 main discussions of the 2022 draft. 1. Who gets the first overall pick Jaguars or Lions? 2. Aidan Hutchinson (6’6 265) or Kayvon Thibodeaux (6’5 258)? Michigan’s Hutchinson blew up this year 14 sacks through 14 games and a heisman finalist. Oregon’s Thibodeaux came into the year as the favorite 7 sacks through 10 games. He has been dominate throughout his 3 year Oregon stint and hutchinson has gotten less time through his Michigan years. Watching some tape on both of them i got my opinion. Hutchinson is a disruptive pass rushers and a solid run stopper, rarely falling into pass coverage. Thibodeaux is also a disruptive pass rusher and a good run stopper, Thibodeaux fell into coverage more and a was nothing special but the comforts that oregon has putting him into coverage leans me to him in pass coverage. Hutchinson has more pass rush moves and is more versatile. Though Thibodeaux has a tendency to get past his blockers faster and more consistently. Thibodeaux also stoped plays when he got into one while Hutchinson had a few plays where he failed to complete the tackle. Hutchinson has better contain and didn’t let QBs or RBs get past on option runs usually making the right choice. Thibodeaux made the wrong read a few times resulting in 1st downs. Hutchinson is definitely the more polished Edge and Thibodeaux the more purely talented. I think Thibodeaux is more explosive and if he goes to the right place he will could develop and be the better Player. Hutchinson on the other hand probably can be effective in almost any situation.

This being said i think Jaguars could draft Thibodeaux or Hutchinson having either next to Josh Allen can make them Saxksonville 2.0. Most likely Detroit will get 2nd Overall this give the Lions one of the 2 and they could help be a building block defensively. If i had the First overall pick i would take Thibodeaux. It’s not particularly close. Thibodeaux is a better at pass coverage and run stopping even with his difficult recognizing the option. He had a better motor and he gives 100 on every play.