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who should start at QB for Chicago in week 4?

The Chicago Bears starting quarterback for their week 4 matchup against the Detriot Lions is still questionable. Coach Matt Nagy says all 3 quarterbacks all have a chance at being named the starter for this Sunday. That is because two out of the 3 of our quarterbacks have a certain injury right now Dalton in the first half of our week 2 matchup against the Bengals got an ankle injury running out of bounce. It is said he can miss another two more weeks off of that injury. Then it gets worse here I have heard that Justin Fields has a hand injury they put an x-ray on his hand and they said everything looks fine and they don’t think it’s anything too bad like Dalton’s injury. I can see how Fields can be kinda banged up right now after taking a beating of 9 sacks vs the Browns. But I think Fields will most likely start on Sunday but you never know we have 3 quarterbacks to choose from so it might take time to think about this. The media thinks our last option is Nick Foles people think out of all 3 quarterbacks he has the least chance to start. That’s because our offensive line is garbage and Nick Foles is probably the least-mobile one out of our quarterback trio and he proved that last year with our offensive line he couldn’t move the offense at all. There was also bad play-calling to add to that so it really wasn’t all Nick Foles fault. But I’m not so sure about him being our guy with the least chance to start I think there wrong but I will get more into that when I talk about Nick Foles. But our offense is in the same exact situation as it was last year so if you put Foles in that situation again the same thing will probably happen. But I am going to break this down more get into my keys for each quarterback if they should be the starter or not.

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Dalton shouldn’t start with an injury:

Andy Dalton playing with a hurt ankle is not a good idea. Dalton without an injury is already not mobile in the first place imagine how bad his moving ability will be with an ankle injury. He will be slower than he was before our offensive line allowed 9 sacks with Justin Fields in imagine how many there will be with Dalton in there the offense won’t change in any way but Dalton will be facing the Lions and they don’t have a good defensive line or a good defense that can bother Dalton. I don’t think Dalton will ever do good against a good defense but playing against a weak defense I actually think he can do good. He proved it when he played against the Bengals they don’t have much of a defense with how old Dalton is the only thing he can do is pocket pass he can’t really run so when pocket passing is the only thing he can do he can be deadly with it. If Dalton has time in the pocket he can hit his receivers he was doing that really well against the Bengals until he got hurt he would have continued to do that if it wasn’t for his injury. So if Fields injury on his hand is anywhere close to serious I have no problem starting Dalton against the Lions our team has a history of destroying their secondary even Dalton is not being mobile he will know what to do he is a veteran and will have time to throw even if the game affects our chances of winning it doesn’t matter to me because I’d rather have a less chance of winning a game than having Fields risk his career playing with his injury.

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Nick Foles has a better chance at starting than people think:

Nick Foles super bowl winner in 2017. He hasn’t been the same player since he left the Eagles and hasn’t been looked at the same and has been forgotten about ever since his trash outing with us last season. But there is a chance he will play Sunday but I doubt it because Justin Fields says his hand injury isn’t serious and the x-rays were negative and I feel like if the injury was serious people would be freaking out about it way more and Bears fans would be posting about it more but I rarely see anything about the injury so it was really nothing. So they would for sure way rather start Fields than start Foles or Dalton. But I have an unpopular opinion I think if Fields would be ruled out for starting on Sunday Nick Foles will probably start. That’s because Dalton is injured and to be honest, I don’t think he is able to come back in to be a backup because his ankle really isn’t ready Foles would be able to slide around in the pocket better than Dalton would because when I saw Dalton continue to play after his ankle injury he didn’t look good at all I could tell he was done for on the first passing play after his injury. Foles would be able to hit people better I think that if Fields was unable to play Dalton would for sure be the better option at backup but if your injured then your injured and I don’t want someone who’s washed to be playing banged up. So basically the starting job this sunday is down to Fields and Foles.

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I will be shocked if they put in Foles though like Justin isn’t even injured it was a huge overeaction just because he had hand pain you tend to overreact if you have a young stud getting a slight injury. So he is basically healthy putting in Foles would just be putting in a worse version of Dalton and making the same mistake as last year putting in Foles who is slow with a bad offensive line with bad play calling then him playing terrible. They put him in over Trubisky last year around the same time of this season then the season went down I hope they don’t make the same mistake this year because it’s the same situation right now than it was last year. Last year Trubisky started first 3 weeks then Foles made the start week 4 then we went down without Trubisky. Then right now were in week 4 where Fields can win us games but starting Foles will do the same thing as last year if they start Foles that will be so dumb when will this franchise learn.

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Justin Fields will most likely start:

Fields will most likely start he isn’t injured to be honest the x-rays proved it and the media was just little bit acting like it was a serious hand injury. Foles and Dalton might actually do decent in a game like this because the Lions offensive line isn’t that good so they can play with there playstyle. But even though this game would be perfect for those guys Fields will still do better because he can easily sit in the pocket to against the Lions and then just in case if the offensive line does trash he can actually run and we can set up run plays for Fields even if pressure isn’t coming in. You saw it when Fields played against the Bengals he didn’t have much pressure so he was hitting pocket passes just as good as Dalton was and when he had to he could run which he did he ran on like a 3rd and 13 play and broke a sack to seal the game which he can do unlike Dalton and Foles he can turn a play that’s going know where into something good.

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Fields got sacked 9 times against the Browns everyone is acting like that will happen every game yes I think the offensive line will for sure play trash every game but I don’t know if they will play that bad every game. That’s because not every game you play will be against a bashing offensive line like the Browns. Him getting sacked 9 times makes people think he can’t escape pressure he couldn’t escape because it’s the Browns defensive line when the Lions bring pressure on him it won’t be as much and when they do he can escape better when playing the Lions. I truly think Fields should start he’s not even hurt the only reason why he is in contention for not playing because people think he is hurt. Nagy will most likely start him he can’t start Dalton because of his ankle and he will get serious hate if he starts Foles and Justin Fields will playstyle and talent is the only quarterback on this team that can save his job. It really doesn’t matter if Fields is hurt even if he is slightly injured he is still the best option Nagy will want to start him know matter what because job is on the line not in the season but this weekend his job is on the line if we play the Lions the way we did against the Browns he is gone Fields is the only one that can help him. I want Fields to start he is ready our game against the Lions won’t be like last weeks I think our offense will move better.

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That is my Bears starting quarterbacks article. This is actually a big debate because we got 3 guys to choose from here before the season the debate was just Fields and Dalton but not all three guys are in it and there are some injuries involved so this is a debate. Let me know who you think should start in the comments thanks for reading and bear down!!!