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Why Mac Jones Job Isn’t Safe

        Heading into the week 4 matchup against the packers the patriots had already been in a predicament having their QB1 Mac Jones out after suffering the most painful ankle sprain in history. Veteran Brian Hoyer was assigned as the starting quarterback to start the game however was shortly forced out after suffering a head injury after Isaiah Wynn allowed multiple sacks. Anyways that’s besides the point for now. 

       With Brian Hoyer being forced out due to the injury that called for 3rd string Rookie Quarterback Bailey Zappe to step in and ride the wave.  Zappe started off a little jittery as expected with it being his first big NFL career moment. Going up against the Packers in Lambeau without knowing the offense. Could you imagine? Zappe managed to work with Matt Patricia’s offense and get the ball to Devante Parker unlike Mac Jones was able to do. A little side note, Mac Jones was the lowest rated quarterback exiting the game against the Ravens. Now keep in mind I’m not hating Mac Jones. I think there’s potential… 

        Although the play calling was mostly running the ball, Zappe was able to get the ball to his receivers when not being completely pressured. Zappe brought the team together as a rookie and was able to fight until the very end as he helped bring the patriots to an overtime game against the packers. The patriots were just 15 yards short from winning in overtime. 

       Bailey Zappe finished the game 10/15 with 99 yards. That’s pretty impressive for a rookie who hasn’t had any reps with the starting lineup and doesn’t know the offense. Like I said earlier, Mac Jones’ job is not safe because he is not capable of throwing the ball with Matt Patricia’s offense without throwing a couple picks here and there. With zappe he’s able to find a man. I’m not saying Mac Jones’ job is gone (yet) but with the likelihood of Bailey Zappe getting a start against the Lions, if performance goes well I see Belichek making Mac work for the job. I see competition. I see controversy. It’s up to week 4 against the lions to solidify this controversy.