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Yankees Woes

This is my first article in a bit and its gonna be a rant to, take this as a Warning.

     The Yankees are terrible I’ve been a lifelong Yankees fan and my whole family is, watching this team is a nightmare, they look uninspired and flat out bad, the way they play baseball is terrible if they don’t hit a home run they look disappointed and don’t play with any passion or flare. They have a extreme need to change some things and I have a few ideas. 1) FIRE AARON BOONE, he is a good guy but a flat out bad manager it seems like he has no idea what he is doing and constantly overmanages the Yankees out of games, it is painful some days. 2) Trade for a Star I.E Ketel Marte or Trevor Story, Contrary to popular belief the Yankees have a rather loaded farm system and a lot of 1st baseman there and the Rockies and D-Backs are two teams that need power hitters and the Yankees can provide that, but I doubt they will be smart knowing Brian Cashman’s not wanting to part with players to bolster his team, but maybe they can shake it up at the trade deadline. Here’s to the Yankees turning it around.